Who sells their financial data company and then opens 2 retail gelato shops? Our founders, Mark & Jim might be the only ones. In 2008 they sold their financial data company to Charles Schwab, then decided to try a life in retail.

Like many companies, PerfectCube was created out of need. Mark and Jim made great gelato and created a fantastic customer experience, but thriving in a small business takes a lot. Coming from a data analytics background, they understood the importance of “big data”, but applying it in retail had some unique challenges. Lots of time was spent with Excel. They wanted something better, not only for their stores, but that any small retailer good use to help their business thrive. PerfectCube was born. We gather and store your data and give you insights to better manage your business. What we have today will continue to get better, to take advantage of growing trends in data analytics to offer you a product that will allow you to compete with anybody. You already make a great cup of coffee, the perfect pizza or the best gelato, we will give you the tools to make a great business.