PerfectCube In The News

"PerfectCube is just one of those things that we personally wish was around when we started some of our first companies. They allow a business to take their sales data and visualize it in a way that makes it possible to actually do something with."
— Betablox, source
"PerfectCube co-founders Mark Calhoun and Jim Starcev have a near perfect example of establishing credibility by touting both their ability to build, grow and sell a software company and their subject matter expertise of owning small retail shops."
— Ngadet, source
"Thou Mayest, Mildred’s, PT’s coffee, Crows coffee and other coffee shops rank among PerfectCube’s clients, Starcev said. Both with a belief of empowering small businesses, Calhoun and Starcev said they believe their product can elevate Kansas City with more data."
— Startland News, source
"PerfectCube (Lenexa) — "Excited, humbled, determined, energized, proud."
— Biz Journals, source
"Why I’m Bad at Fantasy Baseball and What It Means For Your Business"
— Coffee Talk, source
"NEW PRODUCTS: NON-CONSUMABLE 1st Place: PerfectCube - PerfectCube"
— Coffee Fest, source
"After they sold their last business to Charles Schwab, Mark Calhoun and James Starcev did what a lot of technology entrepreneurs do: They opened a gelato shop at the mall."
— I Think Bigger, source
"PerfectCube isn’t the first company that Mark Calhoun and Jim Starcev have created. They were the team behind Etelligent Consulting, which offered back-office consulting services to investment advisers. Etelligent was sold to Charles Schwab in 2007."
— I Think Bigger, source
"PerfectCube, a business analytics service aimed at smaller retailers. Digital Sandbox KC will help PerfectCube add features and functionality."
— I Think Bigger, source
"PerfectCube provides business analytics tools – typically available only to large retailers – for small retail business owners."
— Digital Sandbox KC, source