Have Questions?

Here are some common ones.

If you have an extraordinary one, send us an email at support@perfectcube.co and we will do our best to answer it (we might even decide to add it to the list below).


Do I have to sign a big, ugly contract? Absolutely not. Once you sign up, you may cancel at any time, no questions asked. It is our responsibility to build a great site and provide you with so much value that the only question you ever ask is Why don’t I have to pay more for this?

Credit Card

Am I required to enter credit card information when I sign up? Yes, for a monthly subscription service this is the most efficient way to handle billing. If you ever decide to cancel (even though we can’t imagine why you would ever want to) we will gladly stop billing your credit card and delete the information.

Big Data

I’ve heard the term, but what is Big Data? Big data is a term used to describe the application of analytical techniques to search, aggregate, and cross-reference large data sets in order to develop intelligence and insights. What that means to you is by pulling in data from multiple sources we can help you run your business better.


Is my data private? Absolutely. While we won’t share any of your specific data, we do use aggregated data to help us deliver a better product to you.