Benchmarking your sales

Keeping it simple.

Sometimes to plan ahead you have to look back. Whether you are looking at today, last week, this month or YTD we will show you exactly how you are doing.

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See your best sellers

High level and detailed data.

It's easy to recognize your top selling products, but what's less obvious is seeing those gems which could be selling better, or which items are performing differently from their past. See, with absolute clarity, how your products measure up against each other, and against their past.

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Hourly Sales

Every hour, every day

We've made it easy for you to see your high and low sales hours throughout the day. Staff with confidence; stock when you know you'll need it.

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Hold on it gets better

Understand your hourly sales in full. Visualize how your sales are going hour by hour throughout the week as well as the average for each hour.

Forecast lines

the future

Forecasted sales

While no one can know the future, PerfectCube can offer a good prediction. With a glance, our predictive analytics tool lets you know where your business is heading, and with that knowledge, what you need to do.

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